Our services are tailor-made​

to meet specific needs and requirements of clients across different sectors. We believe that every entity regardless of its size requires a unique set of services, and this is why the solutions we offer are diversified. We don’t have a one model fits all policy, but we offer the following range of services.

General Cleaning Services

This service-range is ideal for facilities of all sizes and typologies within both public and private sector including institutions, schools, universities, business complexes, and offices. It involves the cleaning of buildings, rooms of all types, halls for all purposes, squares, elevators, parking lots, corridors, and toilets, this range of services involves cleaning and waste collection. The result is a waste-free clean space fit for an immaculate image, all done through us and by us with the aim of ensuring our client’s comfort. This range of services includes but is not limited to:

Whereby we study the client’s needs and we provide a team that meets both the project’s requirements, the preference of the client, and the skill set needed, and of course the client’s budget.

Including floor soap, sterilizers, polishing materials, floor fresheners, glass cleaners and windows and wood varnish. We have been in the business long enough to know that each surface requires different treatment, and we therefore provide the ideal solution for the surface we are dealing with.

Supplying the machinery and equipment needed for the cleaning project and Managing and disposing of waste

Deep Cleaning Services

This is the cleaning provided for buildings or projects. It includes removing debris and dirt polishing of tiles following the construction stage. It involves the removing sand (silt) or cleaning walls, floors and marble from the leftover stains of paint or construction materials post -construction.  It also includes the polishing floors, stainless steel and wood. And our knowledge in the field ensures that we carry it out with caution and accuracy, using the latest machinery, equipment and materials. We are led by the type of surface we are dealing with, while giving the time necessary for each project to be completed within the highest standards of quality.

City Cleaning Services

Through this wide set of services we clean cities such as the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA), as well as resorts, housing complexes, gated, communities such as  Ayla, Tala Bay and others. We provide and manage a capable workforce, equipment, and robust machines for cleaning services and the collecting of garbage. We also clean roads, by providing road sweepers, waste collection vehicles, compactors, and we offer landscaping services, pool maintenance, and pest control services as well. All in all, we manage all aspect of the job including the needed maintenance and supervisory services.

Waste Collection and Recycling

Responding to the needs of a cleaner environment, and the trend to recycle materials for re-use, we offer waste collection and sorting services on demand. This service includes the providing of color-coded sorting containers that are suited for the different waste materials collected whether they are paper, plastic, food containers, or others. After we sort the waste material within their respective containers, we then transport these containers to be recycled in their respective recycling sites.

Solar Panels Cleaning Services

We clean large-scale solar PV panels with aims to improve their efficiency. Whether they are located at ground level or on a roof, we provide the needed sprinklers, equipment, trained manpower and appropriate materials to enable them to function to their highest capacity.  We provide manual cleaning, semi-automatic, or automatic cleaning services, all dependent on the nature of the project, and the client’s preference but more importantly, the need and nature of the job. For such jobs, timing is of the essence, so we offer our services at times that ensure the full functionality of the solar panels and that do not harm their delicate nature. This is a guarantee we make based on our knowledge of the job needed to be done. We invest in buying the needed equipment for related jobs.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

We offer laundry and housekeeping services for apartments, hotels, hospitals, and private residential complexes, and we make accuracy and professionalism our motto. Maintaining the privacy of each client is our priority, so we perform these services at the highest level of discursion.  Our teams are trained to abide by strict codes of conduct that ensure the highest levels of integrity. For this service, our large capacity enables us to provide local or foreign workers to manage these services, based on what the client prefers.

Infection Control Services

We sterilize companies, apartments, hotels, hospitals, private residential complexes, schools and universities. The purpose of doing so is to control the spread of infection, viruses, microbes and bacteria. We use the most up to date equipment and the best sterilization materials. We are environmentally friendly and health conscious in all what we do. This is why we only work with the most skilled technicians and within well thought-out plans. In this particular day and age maintaining such standards is of utmost importance.

Therefore, we make it our prime goal to control the possible spread of epidemics and diseases to ensure that the space we are working on is ready to receive employees, residents or visitors who can guarantee to feel safe.

Pest Control Services

To carry out this service within our high standards of quality, we ensure the use of top-of-the-line materials, equipment and traps. Our many years of experience enable us to confirm that we know where insects and rodents usually gather. We, therefore, carefully spray the suspected places to get the job done and we are committed to using environmentally friendly and effective materials. We also go the extra mile to give advice given to ensure continuity of protection. So that we reduce the possibility of pests reappearing.

Catering Services

Our catering services are tailored for factories, institutions, companies, schools and universities. We make it our mandate to manage the providing of meals within these institutions with all that the job entails.  We can provide hot meals, sandwiches, appetizers or desserts, according to the preference of our client. We offer several menu variations with lists of foods and beverages to be chosen from. We supply the food, the cooking staff, the ingredients, and supervisors for catering, equipment and hygiene. Furthermore, we handle the storage and preservation of materials while paying special attention to the expiration date of food and drinks we offer We manage this service in full without wavering on the importance of quality.

Cleaning Materials Supply Services

Our financial capabilities, long standing reputation, and knowledge of the market and its needs enable us to provide competitive offers, and preferential prices to public and private institutions, schools, companies and private complexes for various cleaning material including; hygiene supplies, paper towels, drying paper, materials, and other tools necessary for cleaning and sterilization.

Ships Supplies and Sterilization

Through this service, we supply ships with all the cleaning material, food and water needed prior to setting off to sea. We also provide cleaning and support services for wards, rooms, and roofs on deck .In this day and age, and before any ship can dock in the portal city of Aqaba cleanliness is of the top requirements it needs to adhere to. Our ship sterilization and fumigation services respond to this need.

Industrial Maintenance Services

We offer factory maintenance services through which we maintain and repair the conveyor belts by means of welding and replacing rubber strips. We also mend any faulty parts of the production lines, insolating cylinders and rollers, and we are capable of installing a soft or hard rubber liner, alongside other services. Finally, we are also capable of providing protection services for greenhouses and others.