Aqaba City Cleaning and Waste Collection in Cooperation with Averda International

EJC Cleans the City of Aqaba in Cooperation with AVERDA

Between the years 2014 and 2017, EJC took on the cleaning of the city of Aqaba. More specifically, the project involved the cleaning of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA) the city of Aqaba and its surrounding districts. It included the cleaning of streets, and outdoor areas., residential areas, and industrial zones, as well as the collection of waste To carry out this service to the highest of quality standards, we partnered with the Lebanese company Averda. This partnership enabled this project to be implemented successfully, and it enabled us to receive a letter of appreciation from ASEZA  Committing ourselves to relieving our client from all hassles of the  organizational procedures involved, we were responsible for getting all the needed permits, for getting all the needed workforce and providing all legal permits for them as well.  We carried out all the administrative follow up needed, and we provided all the equipment and material needed for the project’s implementation. 

The result was an outstanding success and a very satisfied client, more specifically, we were able to solidify our reputation as providers of a fully-fledged solution responding to our client’s needs.

EJC Finds Ideal Solutions in Record Time

Ayla Oasis was provided cleaning services for the Marina village and the apartments that we were able to deliver on before the official opening of the project. This incident granted us a reputation of reliability, and it was prelude for more partnerships with.

King hussein business park-22مجمع الملك حسين للأعمال

EJC Provides Customized Solution While the World Was in Lock Down.

During the COVID-19 lockdown in Amman, we were able to respond to this call of the King Hussain Business Park (KHBP) in their request for cleaning services. More specifically, we took on the management of the general cleaning services pertaining to the business park, whereby we were able to provide the services needed in this short time frame. We even managed the project remotely and due to the challenges imposed by COVID-19. We worked with the minimum number of staff. We built on our abilities to customize service to meet our client’s need and the client was appreciative and satisfied with the achievement.

EJC Makes Saraya Water Park Stand Out through Deep Cleaning

At EJC, we made the Saraya Water Park shine with our deep cleaning solutions. We used our know-how to provide the needed deep cleaning services and as a result the water park was showcased in its best light.